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Society Cast Member and Director: Kirby Heyborne

Kirby Heyborne


Kirby Heyborne has been acting for a long time.


Society Cast Member and Director: Lincoln Hoppe

Lincoln Hoppe


Lincoln has been performing live comedy since 1993 (earlier if you count wetting his pants in public). Thousands of shows later, audiences still agree he is a delicate flower.

Lincoln is a professional screen actor. His favorite role to date is the troubled German soldier in the World War II film “Saints and Soldiers Airborne Creed”. He’s appeared many times on television as saucy characters in TV shows like “The Mentalist”, “Hollywood Heights”, “Everwood”, and “Touched by an Angel”. Most who see it will never forget his portrayal of DeVerl in “The Singles Ward”, however hard they may try.

Lincoln is a professional screenwriter and has sold scripts to Cartoon Network,several sketch comedy shows in development, and co-wrote “Saints and Soldiers Airborne Creed”. He has written and produced many short films, including comedy shorts for

Lincoln is an award winning audio book narrator. He specializes in teen angst. Some of his favorite recent titles are “Okay for Now” by Gary D. Schmidt, “Letters from Skye” by Jessica Brockmole, the “Insignia” series by S.J. Kincaid,“The Scar Boys” by Len Vlahos, and“Paperboy” by Vince Vawter.

Also a composer, you can hear Lincoln’s work on several videos and short films.

Visit for funny videos starring Lincoln and Kirby. If you don’t find them funny, a little angel will lose his wings.

Lincoln Hoppe Volkswagen Commercial w/Crotch hits, Puppies, Bikini Models, & Carmen Electra —

Lincoln Hoppe - "I Hate Emily Randal"
A kerBLINK Video —

Lincoln Hoppe "Hand Slap Game"
A kerBLINK Video —

Lincoln Hoppe Comedic Reel —


Society Cast Member: Zanon Schmidt

Zanon Schmidt

Bald and sexy by choice.

Zanon Schmidt is a high school teacher as well as a professional improvisor. He was born and raised in the state of Washington and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. in Theatre (2001) and a B.A. in Education – English Major (2005).

Since 2006, Zanon has taught Drama at Lancaster High School in the Antelope Valley. He is a graduate of The Second City Training Center in L.A. (2008) and since 2007 has been a main-stage performer and member of L.A.’s longest running show, ComedySportz. He has been a member of The Society since 2008 and has loved every minute of it except for one minute 2010 – he just “kind of liked” that particular minute.

Zanon is married and has one son . . . and two dogs. His heroes are his parents and all members of The Society.

Zanon Schmidt Acting Reel —

Zanon Schmidt Doritos Commercial —


Society Cast Member: Eric Artell

Eric Artell

Big Daddy Babyface.

Eric's done lots of fun actory stuff, like TV shows and movies and video games and commercials. You can now see him in the movie Ender's Game. He loves doing improv, and Double Stuf Oreos...not necessarily in that order.

Eric Artell Comedic Reel —

Eric Artell - Behind the Vine w/King Bach —


Society Cast Member: Kelly Lohman

Kelly Lohman

Laser Guided Funny.

Kelly Lohman likes to make things up. Like this bio, for example. No one has scripted it. Everything she is writing is coming from her brain. This, this, and even... THIS! Isn't improv amazing?!

Kelly Lohman has been improvising with the Society for several years. She is a member of Vs. Theatre Company. She also writes and directs on occasion.

  • LA Theatre:
  • - Christine in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
  • - Hope in "Urinetown" (LA Weekly Winner - Best Ensemble, Ovation Nominee - Best Production)
  • - Irina in "Three Sisters"
  • - Emily in "Our Town" (ADA Winner - Best Ensemble)
  • - Anne in "A Little Night Music" (Ovation Nominee - Best Production)
  • - Romaine in "The Laramie Project"
  • - Jennifer in "The Dastardly Ficus and Other Comedic Tales of Woe and Misery" (ADA Nominee - Best Production)
  • TV:
  • - "Bones"
  • - "Gilmore Girls"
  • - "Days of Our Lives"
  • Film:
  • - "The Hillside Strangler"
  • - "The Inside Story"
  • - "Thorns and Thistles"

Acting Reel —


Society Cast: Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Rugged? Homeless?
You decide.

Adam is an actor and art director, known for Frozen (2010), Veronica Mars (2014) and Vamp U (2013).

Adam Johnson Acting Reel —

Adam Johnson Dragon Warriors Official Trailer —


Society Cast Member: Jim Nieb

Jim Nieb

Wiser than us all.

Funnier than you (unless of course, you happen to be Jim Nieb reading this, in which case you might be really confused).

Conceived in Germany, born in Ohio, and raised in Virginia. Currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Jim started his career doing stand up comedy his senior year of high school.

In 1991 when Jim met a great bunch of folks from ComedySportz in Washington, DC and began his professional comedy career. It was then he began performing variety skills (i.e. juggling, stilts, clowning, magic, balloon sculpting, fire eating, impersonations, corporate entertainment and more.)

Jim worked at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for almost a decade performing with the Bloody Drama Comedy Show as well as creating a few very popular, original characters (Chance Darewithal - Risk Taker, and Digger Gravesly - Grave digger) and performing several street shows each festival day.

For six years Jim worked with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit (CCU) an outreach program of the circus which works with children’s hospitals around the USA putting clown doctors on regular CLOWN ROUNDS in conjunction with the Child-Life programs in the hospitals. He started working at Children’s National Medical Center in DC and in 2001 moved to Maryland to start a new program at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

In March of 2001 he was fortunate enough to be sent to Paris to perform as a clown in various children’s hospitals there as part of a program with the CCU sister program in paris. He spent 3 weeks there not speaking a lick of French. Unfortunately he wasn't licked once.

Jim began performing a variety of impersonations early on in his career. His most popular have become Austin Powers, and George W Bush.

2004 was a big year that found Jim making a big move to Los Angeles.

Jim has had several successes since moving to Los Angeles, such as working with Clint Eastwood, J.J. Abrams, Bill Engvall, shooting several national commercial spots to name just a few.

Jim began training at the prestigious Playhouse West School and Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood in 2005. The school was founded by Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum and is one of a very few Meisner schools in LA which were sanctioned by Sandford Meisner himself.

April 2009 Jim started the improv comedy program at Playhouse West. Combining the Meisner technique with comedy improvisation, the program has been growing and going strong ever since with hundreds of working actors having gone through the program.

That same year Jim was asked by Robert Carnegie to begin teaching the regular classes at Playhouse West as well.

Currently Jim can be seen in a Verizon Fios commercial running online and in a Dodge commercial (directed by Pete Farrelly) running internationally. You can also find Jim performing around town with a few comedy groups including The Society. Jim also travels quite a bit performing for private and corporate events as well as a presenter and entertainer for trade shows around the Country.


Society Cast Member: Amanda Troop

Amanda Troop

the Spunkmeister.

Amanda loves playing with her Society friends!

Amanda's recent shows include a run of long-form, genre based improv in William Inge: Unhinged with the Improv Theatre Lab. She's currently in the LA Premiere of Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play at the Odyssey Theatre.

Other LA theater:

  • The Odyssey:
  • - "A Splintered Soul"
  • - "What the Butler Saw"
  • The Boston Court:
  • - "Cold/Tender"
  • The Fountain:
  • - "Let the Rocks Speak"
  • Edgemar Center:
  • - "Desperate Writers"
  • Interact Theatre Company
  • - "The Boarding House"
  • - "Death of a Salesman"
  • - "Guys and Dolls"
  • And many more...

TV credits include a recurring role on "Wilfred", and a recent appearance on "Children Hospital". Amanda also plays Hermione Granger in the cult hit web series, "The BAMF Girls Club". Amanda's been in dozens of national ad campaigns and commercials. Amanda's love of cartoons and audio books led her to the world of voice over. Her voice can be heard on TV and radio shows, animated films, in video games, and in TV and radio commercials.

BAMF Girls Club —


Society Cast Member: Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson

You can never have
too much
Dave Thompson.

Sexy, funny, and manly.


Society Cast Member: Will Rubio

Will Rubio

Muy Caliente!


Social Media Links:

Who's Will Rubio?
Will Rubio was born and raised in Miami, Florida to a big, loving, and loud Cuban family. He's always had a knack for entertainment and comedy, winning several awards and recognitions from a very young age. His creativity was also fostered by his nine sisters who forced him to play a lot of Barbie games and make up bedtime stories.

Will is an accomplished commercial actor, having done spots for companies such as ZAGG, Kellogg's, Subway, Little Caesar's, Volkswagen, and more. He has also appeared in several feature length films including: Forever Strong, Unicorn City, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, and Osombie.

Comedy Reel:

Zagg Biopic on Will:


Society Cast Member: Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

Overly huggable.

Kevin Miller has supplied the voice of Sly Cooper for all of Sony Playstation's titles on the PS2 and PS3. He improvised proudly with ComedySportz San Jose until 2004 when he moved to Los Angeles where he's written for Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel.

Who's Your Favorite Super Hero?
Kevin Miller's favorite super hero is Marvel's Multiple Man. Think about it; if he gets hit an exact duplicate of himself pops to life. The dup thinks and feels for his self and can create duplicates of his own! They all share a physic link and when Jamie Maddox (his birth name) reabsorbs them he gains all of their memories! Need to get the oil changed in the car? Send a dup! Got to go to work, too? Send another dup! Wonder what it's like to go to law school, culinary school, art school and ninja school all at the same time? Send some dups! Multiple Man is pretty amazing. Kevin Miller also likes Iron Man, Odo from Deep Space Nine and all of the original X-Men.

Voice Acting Demo —


Society Cast Member: Corbin Allred

Corbin Allred

Never there, yet always there.