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Hollywood Cage Match Champions!

The Society is the current iO West Cage Match Champions 12 weeks running!

The Cage Match works like this: each week, two comedy groups battle it out to see who can win over the tough Hollywood crowd. Each group entertains the audience with 20 minutes of long-form improvised comedy; that’s 20 minutes of scenes made up on the spot based on an audience suggestion. The audience then votes on which group they prefer, and the winner returns the following week to take on a new challenger.

You can come watch for FREE and vote for the winner. We will do a 20 minute set of longform improv as will a challenger. We keep our set clean, yet we have no idea what the other group will do. Once again, the show is FREE, but you must be over 21 and bring an ID to enter. More info here:

Cage Match Win
The Society's win number 4.

New Comedy Video: Spin the Bottle

A misguided solution to a unimportant problem goes so, so wrong. Featuring Kirby Heyborne, Lincoln Hoppe, and Jim Nieb. If you like it, send the link to all of your friends so that we can make more videos! Watch it at our video page.

New Show Blog!

We've got a new show blog! Check it out here!

New Funny Video: Whipping Boy

This touching short film about friends is just a heartwarmer. Featuring Lincoln Hoppe and Kirby Heyborne. If you like it, send the link to all of your friends so that we can make more videos! Watch it at our video page.

New Video: Awkward Lozenge

This video is a variation on the theme of 'awkard silence'. Featuring Lincoln Hoppe and Kirby Heyborne. Watch it at our video page.

New and Improved Name: the Society

After 17 years of careful planning and strategizing, we have chosen an official name for our comedy group: the Society.

That's right, the Society. Has a very societal ring, doesn't it?

While we were founded and perform monthly in Santa Clarita, California, just north of Los Angeles, we also perform in other states as well as cities. You see how it could get confusing. In fact, I'm confused now.

Armed with a brand new, non-geographical name, the Society is prepared to go global adn take over the world. Wait, pretend you didn't hear that last part.

Just be glad we didn't name ourselves with our second favorite name: Big Red Commie Make Laugh Now. That would have been confusing because we're not even communists. Or big. Or gramatically incorrect.

It will only be a matter of time before all of the world's problems are blamed on the breakdown of us.

New Cast Member: Jim Nieb

Jim Nieb, actor/improviser extraordinaire has just joined the cast of the Society. His first show with us on March 27th, 2008 was a grand success.

You can read more about Jim Nieb here.

New Cast Member: Larry Bagby

Santa Clarita Improv is now joined by veteran actor, Larry Bagby. Larry has starred in several films such as Saints and Soldiers, Hocus Pocus, and Walk the Line (starring Joaquim Phoneix and Reese Witherspoon).

Larry's first show with Santa Clarita Improv is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th. Go to shows page for current show info.

Larry is also a talented musician. And he is funny.

New Cast Memeber: Kelly Lohman

Kelly. Ah, where to begin with Kelly. She's hilarious and beautiful. What more do you need to know? Ah, yes. She's single.

Show Review - Five Stars

"If you share the opinion that good-time family fun and improv/stand-up comedy are not a good mix, you may be surprised. Personally, I found the Santa Clarita Improv show refreshing and unique.

"As soon as the lights dimmed, I was caught up in the infectious mayhem. Sight and sound gags abounded in a fast paced show that involved the audience at various levels, offering something for every age group, from the smallest of small, to teens, to adults.

"...the show alternately romped, surprised, amazed, and intrigued, but always, ALWAYS, it kept you laughing-not just the tiny snickers that can be hid easily in a handkerchief, but the sort of belly laughs that coax tears from your eye sockets. If you have a chance to see them, GO! And take the kids with you. You'll hear the humor echoing through your home for weeks to come (which is a sight more enjoyable that sibling bickering!)"

***** (five stars)
Deen Ferrell
VP, Curio Creative, LLC

March 3rd Show SOLD OUT!

The Santa Clarita Improv first show went off with a bang. Over half of the tickets were pre-sold online in the days prior to the show. A lucky few people were still able to purchase tickets at the door.

The show itself was an overwhelming success. From cramming marshmallows to Shakespearan ghosts, and water spit and sprayed all over the faces of our cast, there was abundant laughter from beginning to end.

The cast for the show included Kirby Heyborne (from the new Fox TV top rated series "Free Ride"), Corbin Allred (from "Saints and Soldiers" and various tv starring and guest star roles), Lincoln Hoppe (from the upcoming film "Believe" and "Benji Off the Leash"), Eric Artell (host of the upcoming PBS "Dragonfly TV" series) and Randy Tayler (a computer programmer). Check out the cast members websites and pictures here.

The dates of the next show will be announced later this week. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed of all the juicy details.

So remember to get your tickets online or in advance at the box office for the next show to insure your weekend hilarity with Santa Clarita Improv.

Next Improv Show: Friday March 3rd, 2006

Santa Clarita Improv will be performing its Opening Show Friday March 3rd at 8pm at the Repertory East Playhouse on 24266 San Fernando Road. in old town Newhall. The ticket price is $12 general admission, and $10 for students with student ID.

Santa Clarita Improv is a fast-paced, hilarious energy-packed comedy show based on suggestions from the audience, combined with the comedy of the cast. It is similar to the popular TV show “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” The biggest difference is that you don’t have to travel through weekend traffic to Hollywood and kill someone to get tickets for “Whose Line.”

The cast includes professional actors and comedians from TV shows and films such as “Saints and Soldiers,’ “Everwood,” “The Singles Ward,” "Touched by an Angel," and many other shows.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with our cast.” Says Lincoln Hoppe, co-founder and director of Santa Clarita Improv. “Our goal, in addition to providing great comedy to the Valley, is to bring more Santa Clarita actors into our cast as time goes on so that we can give an opportunity for other talented people to perform.”

The show will feature spot-improvisation, scenes and games created on the spot by the cast based on suggestions from the audience as well as improvised songs and music. The shows are clean and appropriate for all audiences.

“I am excited to showcase this outstanding cast to the families of Santa Clarita. I look forward to having a comedy show that will become a staple and a standard for people in this valley to count on and be proud of" says Kirby Heyborne, co-founder and director.

“We are glad to be bringing a new professional improv team to the Santa Clarita Valley,” said Hoppe. “Several of us living here have wanted to do this for a long time since we live in Santa Clarita and are used to traveling to Hollywood for most of our performances.”

Lincoln Hoppe also directed and performed with other groups such as “The Skinny Lincolns” and “The Garrens Comedy Troupe.” Some quotes on his work there:

The players will teach improv workshops in the near future.

Go to the Shows Page

Santa Clarita Improv All-Star Cast

Santa Clarita Improv boasts a cast of professional actors, writers, comedians, and musicians. Many actors from the cast perform in current and upcoming television series, commercials, and films in the competitive Los Angeles theater & film market.

Director and co-founder Lincoln Hoppe has been performing in and directing improv troupes for over 15 years. Improv credits include ComedySportz LA, ComedySportz Provo, ComedySportz SLC, the Garrens Comedy Troupe, the Skinny Lincolns, C&E Improv Factory, Free Range Imrpov, U-sical, the Whatchamacallits, 23 Skidoo, as well as guest performances with many other groups. Lincoln has played on "Touched by an Angel" as well as "Everwood" and many other film and televesion shows.

Director and co-founder Kirby Heyborne has performed improv with ComedySportz Provo, the Skinny Lincolns, ComedySportz SLC, and C&E Improv Factory and plays an the upcoming Fox television series. He also starred in "Saints and Soldiers," "the RM," and many other films.

Other current and guest cast members include actors from such films as "Walk the Line" and Television shows from "Happy Days" to "Malcom in the Middl," to "ER," and buttloads more.

Go to the Cast Page

Seeking New Cast Members

Santa Clarita Improv is currently integrating current talent as well as developing newer talent for future shows.

An interview can be arranged based on credits and experience.

Professional actors, writers, or comedians without improv experience as well as those with limited improv experience can enter into our training program.

Those with little or no acting or improv experience can take classes in our development program.

For more information, email us at:




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