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Traveling Shows

We can take our show on the road and entertain your friends, co-workers, employees, family or mortal enemies with our show that can be taylor-made to fit your group and your event. Email Gracia, let's get your show on the calendar!

Improv Classes

Come and learn how to do this crazy stuff for yourself! Or hire us to come and teach your group. It's that simple, and it's even funner to do than it is to watch! It's true!

Our Regular Shows

You guessed it! You can come and buy a ticket and see one of our 'regular' shows. We use the term 'regular' loosly because no improv show is ever the same...they're always a bit crazy, with 7 parts funny, 4 parts 'holy crap' and 3 parts ____________ (you fill in the blank after you've seen a show).

Our 'I Know a Celebrity' Program

If you think its fun to watch medium to small-time celebrities do hilarious improv, wait until you've told your friends that you've met them! We offer this program for free (with paid admission to the show).



Picture Spotlight

We think you simply haven't seen this picture enough (since it's the only one we've used) so we'd like to tell you a little bit more about it.

There is an american flag, a girl, and seven other cast members.

This spotlight has nothing to do with our services.


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